About Aivo

Aivo was born in Argentina in 2012 as a revolutionary way for companies to communicate with their customers. They offered different types of services over the years, but nowadays they centrally focused on the chatbot service.

Around 2014, they decided to focus 100% on virtual assistants, supporting customer service through digital channels in Argentina and all over the world, with the possibility of providing services in Spanish, English, Portuguese and German.

Aivo currently delivers 4 products aimed at automating digital channels of companies towards their clients. AgentBot is a virtual conversational assistant with artificial intelligence. Help is a content-based knowledge loaded for Agentbot. An Artificial Intelligence solution that integrates human empathy into customer service communication. Live is a human attention assisted by AI. And Voice is a virtual assistant on telephone lines.

Their main and largest clients are in Latin America, including telephone companies, banks, and credit cards.

The Challenge

As a company that had a defined objective, Aivo wanted to grow in knowledge and make everything much more agile. Being able to understand better and with less effort, is the goal that was established since day one. They are always looking for all the acquired services to be self-administered. The premises, the forms of programming, and the products are always changing.


Our Approach

DinoCloud started working with Aivo in 2019, and it was one of the success cases in the AWS Well-Architected™ Partner Program. Their architecture was reviewed based on all the Well-Architected™ Framework pillars, generating a risk remediation plan based on the company’s objectives and maturity.

The review involved many products and services, which led to it being worked little by little, in order to make small advances.

Pablo Lozano, Innovation Manager at Aivo, affirms that having an external team that specializes in something you are not adept at, and someone who could monitor and provide insight into infrastructure security, was very valuable for them. One of the biggest goals achieved with DinoCloud was the ISO 27001 certification, where we prepared the ecosystem to be monitored and secured.

Regarding the cost optimization pillar, thanks to the first survey they were able to lower 25% of the monthly infrastructure costs, thanks to the cost modelling work.

The Results

DinoCloud let Aivo achieve the objectives proposed from the very beginning, providing an infrastructure that could support its clients’ service channels.

Some of the most important achievements were the ISO 27001 certification, a migration from EC2 Classic to VPC, and the cost savings plan implemented.

Although Aivo was a Cloud native company from the very beginning and they have the skills in-house for cloud adoption and evolution, they found the Well-Architected™ Partner Program a “must” in their processes and alliances.

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