Benefits of Using AWS Managed Services Providers

AWS Managed Service Offerings

Benefits of Using AWS Managed Services Providers

  • Improved data and operational security
  • Stronger regulatory compliance
  • Reduced IT operating costs
  • Simplified application and environment management
  • Frictionless innovation
  • Faster time-to-market
  • More time to focus on business goals

Why Use an AWS Managed Services Provider?

Watch as 2 AWS Managed Services clients describe their experiences:

Why DinoCloud Stands Out in the AWS World

We are the top AWS Managed Services provider in Latin America. Our certified AWS architects and engineers combined with our top-notch agile project managers have been serving the United States for over 5 years. You’ll find our rates are competitive with other offshore cloud consulting and management alternatives, but we work with:

  • excellent English speakers 
  • US time zones
  • combined US and LATAM experience (and some experience outside those) that gives us the creative know-how to deliver what your business needs.

Before you sign a contract with another AWS provider, talk to our team. You will notice the difference.

Our AWS Managed Services


AWS Managed Services providers like DinoCloud base your architecture on your desired operational model. We work with your team to define and implement a multi-account structure and landing zones with built-in governance, security, and compliance rules in a public or hybrid cloud environment. More information about cloud compliance.


If you are pursuing workload migrations, we work collaboratively with your team to facilitate “minimum viable refactoring” of your business applications. We continually use this approach  as you migrate to AWS cloud to keep workloads production-ready in order to achieve security and compliance levels. We migrate you faster.


As your AWS Managed Services partner, our DinoCloud architects and cloud engineers blend tested cloud operating models with infrastructure automation. Our highly skilled cloud experts ensure your AWS environment effectively and efficiently meets the needs of your business, based on a mutual SLA. Continual optimization of performance and cost.

Your Cloud Environment

Work with our experts for cloud infrastructure to get all the benefits from their skills for managing, automating and monitoring your cloud environment. We provide: 

  • Operating System Support: AWS Managed Services-supported OS including Red Hat Enterprise, Amazon Linux, any other Linux distros, and Microsoft Windows Server.
  • Workload: AWS managed services support almost all the workloads that can be run on AWS.
  • Application Deployment: Three methods of application deployment are supported – immutable, deployment automation, and manual.
  • Supported AWS services: AWS managed services support more than 20 services, and are growing. 

Industry Standards: ITIL is followed by AWS Managed Services.

AWS Managed Services Offerings

DinoCloud’s AWS Managed Services provide the following services:

  • Change Management: Incorporating changes easily, including automation.
  • Incident Management: Continuously monitor your cloud infrastructure for any incident. Another instance immediately launches upon failure.
  • Patch Management: Apply patches without affecting your business or its customers.
  • Access Management: Supports IAM (Identity and Access Management) and/or federation thus eliminating multiple authentications.
  • Security Management: Securing your data and business applications.
  • Continuity Management: Backup AWS stacks for seamless restoration in case of failure.
  • Reporting & Continuous Improvement: Monthly reports & recommendations that help maximize the value you get out of AWS Managed Services.

DinoCloud is Your AWS Managed Services Provider

Our team of certified cloud professionals continually study and learn how to create an optimal cloud environment that meets your business goals. Let’s work together. No matter what your needs, we have the toolset to deliver.

AWS Service

Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB,

Amazon DocumentDB,

Amazon ElastiCache,

Amazon OpenSearch,

Amazon Redshift,

Amazon Kinesis,

Amazon Cloudfront,

Amazon ELB,

Amazon Redshift,

Amazon Kinesis,

AWS Lambda,

Amazon Aurora,


Amazon S3,

Amazon EBS.

AWS Security Hub,

AWS Config,

AWS Api Gateway,

Amazon Cognito,

AWS Storage Gateway,

AWS SageMaker,

Amazon Rekognition


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Professional Services,


Digital Agencies.


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