Cloud Engineering

Cloud computing, whether public or private clouds, involves scalable, flexible, and cost-effective environments. With little investment, you can develop competitive applications quickly and cost-efficiently compared to on-premises infrastructure. Our cloud engineering and consulting service provides you all of the technical resources you need at a lower cost compared to hiring in-house staff.

We help you install, migrate, develop, and customize your cloud environment.

cloud engineering
  • Why are you moving to the cloud?
  • How do you measure ROI?
  • Which workload are you managing?
  • What does your actual architecture look like?
  • We create the entire plan for application migration or monitoring
cloud engineering
  • Design and develop new architecture models
  • Enable effective decisions on cloud technologies and services to use
  • Apply DevOps principles
  • Set up or connect public, private, and hybrid cloud environments
  • Employ AWS optimization to achieve reliability, availability, and security
cloud engineering
  • Define and develop an automated operations framework
  • Set up monitoring and logging frameworks
  • Test to ensure your infrastructure covers your requirements
  • Create operations channels and alerts
  • Develop runbooks and disaster recovery processes

Why DinoCloud for Cloud Engineering?

  • We offer best-in-class Cloud Engineering
  • We apply DevOps principles from the very beginning
  • We provide business arguments along with technical solutions
  • We calculate your costs within the solution
  • We have a complete toolbox set to help you determine the best approach
  • We enable great collaboration between your team and
    our team to achieve goals

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