DinoCloud was born in Argentina in 2015, founded by specialists and pioneers in software engineering and Cloud computing, with the mission of generating cutting-edge solutions for the industry. We work with companies in search of a qualified team ready to plan, implement and administer a Cloud-based software. Above all, our clients understand the competitiveness of the software market today and they want to improve their solutions and processes to be at the forefront, find qualified solutions and commit to creating an ideal and competitive product.

At DinoCloud we provide services related to Cloud engineering (migrations, optimizations, monitoring, architecture and infrastructure leadership) and DevOps processes. We are in a unique position to help our clients as we have faced many projects with different challenges in different markets. We build “elite” solutions in technical matters with the speed, efficiency, and excellence. People from small and big companies trust us with their solutions.

Leadership Team

Franco Salonia

Nicolás Sanchez

Lucas Borsatto
Business Development Director