Infrastructure Management

Our engineers build and manage highly complex systems. We take care of converting the current infrastructure into a scalable modern infrastructure. We create high performance, low-cost environments that help you accomplish your business objectives.

  • Meticulous evaluation of the existing environment
  • Technology choosing according to the needs
  • Application infrastructure capacity planning
  • Capacity, performance, and security audits
  • Server virtualization
  • Server upgrade and cloud migration planning
  • Automate the creation and provision of your infrastructure
  • Project management using agile methodologies
  • Upgrades and configuration updates
  • Orchestrated infrastructure migration to cloud services
  • Pre-deployment testing
  • 24X7 monitoring solution
  • Proactive health checks and continuous improvement of operations
  • Performance tuning in order to accomplish capacity planning
  • Configuration management
  • High-availability testing
  • Disaster recovery processes

Why DinoCloud for Infrastructure Management?

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