About Expert Communication Systems

Expert Communication Systems specializes in creating labor training platforms. In this project, their mission was to bolster the security of a platform for one of their clients. Notably, the primary beneficiary of this project was Expert Communication Systems’ client, with Expert Communication Systems acting as the intermediary between DinoCloud and the end client.

The journey of Expert Communication Systems with DinoCloud began organically, sparked by a shared passion for cloud engineering within the tech community.

Security Enhancement for a Client’s Platform

This project emerged from genuine human interaction, highlighting the power of connections within the technology field. Unlike traditional client relationships, it was born from conversations between professionals in the same technological community, driven by their mutual commitment to excellence.

Expert Communication Systems had developed a web application in JAVA XML/XSL hosted on their own Windows servers. The client requested to migrate this application to the cloud, driven by stringent security requirements. DinoCloud’s role was to ensure the security and regulatory compliance of the cloud infrastructure.

The client’s requirements included:

The client required regulatory compliance, specifically in InfoSec, where their in-house team needed more expertise.

A Three-Stage Journey

The project unfolded in three distinct stages:

  1. Evaluation/Discovery: During this phase, a comprehensive evaluation revealed that specific security regulations, initially designed for on-premises environments, were unnecessary for migrating the application to the cloud. DinoCloud provided the client with official AWS documentation justifying these exclusions.
  2. Architecture Design: Collaborative discussions between DinoCloud and Expert Communication Systems’ engineering team provided insights into the application’s functionality and service requirements. Based on this information, DinoCloud designed a solution centered on Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service) and Docker images for application deployment.
  3. Implementation and AWS Migration: The final stage involved a thorough InfoSec regulatory review to ensure readiness for production. The application seamlessly transitioned from a testing environment to a production environment.

AWS Services deployed in this project

  • Amazon ECS: Container orchestration for application deployment.
  • Amazon ECR: Repository for Docker images.
  • Amazon EFS: Shared file storage.
  • AWS Network Firewall: Network security and filtering.
  • AWS CloudTrail: Audit and monitor AWS account activity.
  • Amazon CloudWatch: Monitor AWS resources and applications.
  • Amazon GuardDuty: Threat detection service.
  • AWS Config: Assess, audit, and evaluate AWS resource configurations.


The collaboration between DinoCloud and Expert Communication Systems led to remarkable outcomes:

  • Streamlined Security: The architecture design and implementation ensured compliance with InfoSec regulations, enhancing overall security.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Unnecessary security measures, initially designed for on-premises environments, were excluded, resulting in cost savings.
  • Smooth Migration: The application transitioned seamlessly to the AWS cloud, meeting all security and compliance requirements.

Expert Communication Systems’ journey began with enhancing security for their client’s platform. Through DinoCloud’s expertise, they achieved a secure, compliant cloud environment that met InfoSec regulations, ensuring the success and safety of their client’s operations.


The project exemplifies the power of collaboration and expertise in achieving robust cloud solutions. DinoCloud’s partnership with Expert Communication Systems enabled the creation of a secure and compliant cloud environment, illustrating how technology and human connections can shape a secure future in the cloud.