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Performance and security: Finket’s journey with DinoCloud and AWS

C-Tech S.A. is an Argentinian company dedicated to providing financial technology consulting and solutions for companies of all sizes. One of the leading products they have developed is their virtual wallet, Finket. This virtual wallet aims to take its users into the world of digitalization and online banking, allowing them to carry out transactions without leaving their homes.

DinoCloud, an AWS Premier Partner, has the tools and expertise in the financial world to enhance the scalability and security of financial companies’ applications and products. DinoCloud has several success stories in the fintech world that testify to its technical expertise in developing healthy and, above all, protected virtual environments due to the high sensitivity of the data these companies manage.

The Finket virtual wallet is already deployed on AWS in a secure, reliable, and scalable environment; however, DinoCloud and C-Tech had to overcome some technical challenges to achieve this. These include the following:

Project duration

The project was developed over six months with a dedication of 80 hours per month (480 total) between 09/01/2022 and 02/01/2023.
It took the active participation of the client and a team consisting of a Solution Architect, a Cloud Engineer, and a Project Manager.

Review and remediation process

For the completion of the project, the following process was used to understand the architecture, evaluate the business’s specific needs and define the risks to which the workload was exposed.

At the same time, as part of the process and working with C-Tech, we prioritize implementing the services and adjustments needed to maximize business value and strengthen the deployed infrastructure. 

1- Customer Assessment

We conducted interviews with the client to achieve a first understanding and approximation of the workload at a technical and business level to be analyzed.

2- Primary Analysis

First analysis of the workload. With access to the AWS account and supported by the preliminary assessment with the client, we could know the infrastructure’s real and most recent status.

3- Secondary Analysis / Well-Architected Framework tool Review

Review through the “AWS Well-Architected Tool” on the defined workload. A milestone was established as a baseline. This milestone will be used to evaluate the improvements achieved at the end of the project.

4- Recommendations by pillar

Based on the best practices recommended by AWS, those associated with high risks are mapped and prioritized according to the remediation effort and the resulting impact on the business.

5- Remediation by pillar

Implementation of the defined recommendations. Generation of a new milestone in the “AWS Well-Architected Tool” considering the implemented improvements.  Evaluation of the final state concerning the initial state.

Improvements implemented

We started with an initial status of 34 high risks, according to the WAF tool. As a result of the project, we were able to mitigate approximately 65% of these risks, achieving a final status of 12 high risks.

The following are the best practices that were promoted and whose compliance was validated by the DinoCloud team in conjunction with those responsible at C-Tech. In addition, the services evaluated, activated, or reinforced during the review of the 5 WAF pillars for the Finket workload are presented.

Deployed AWS services

SecurityIAM Identity Center
AWS Organizations
MFA AWS (Token AWS CLI SSO, Access by SSO URL)
Control Tower
AWS GuarDuty
Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
Amazon EBS
Amazon RDS
Amazon CloudWatch Events
Amazon CloudWatch
Cost optimizationAWS Budgets
AWS Cost and Usage Report 
AWS Cost Explorer
AWS Auto Scaling
AWS Lambda
AWS Cost and Usage Report
ReliabilityService Quotas
AWS Auto Scaling
Amazon CloudWatch
AWS CloudTrail
AWS CloudFormation 
Amazon S3 
Amazon Route 53 (DNS, Health Checkers)
Performance EfficiencyAWS Auto Scaling Amazon
Elastic Block Store (EBS) 
Amazon Simple 
Storage Service (S3)
AWS Lambda Amazon RDS
AWS CloudFormation
Amazon CloudWatch
AWS Lambda
Amazon RDS Amazon
Amazon CloudFront
Operational excellenceCloudformation
AWS Cloudtrail
Amazon CloudWatch

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