Empowering Vehicle Tracking with an end-to-end AWS Cloud Migration for LoJack

Discover how a renowned global company such as LoJack migrated from on premises to AWS for it’s newest fleet tracking solution with DinoCloud Migration Services.

About LoJack

LoJack is a connected intelligence company that provides people with the ability to track, monitor, and recover their vital assets with real-time visibility and information. This helps the world work smarter so that people and businesses around the globe can thrive. Their solutions enable tracking, monitoring, and recovery of assets, allowing for cost reduction, improved security, and much more.

The challenge

With a strong presence in the global market, LoJack has earned a reputation as a trusted provider of vehicle tracking solutions, empowering individuals and businesses with peace of mind through advanced security and asset management systems.

With a focus on real-time tracking, fleet management, and stolen vehicle recovery, LoJack has continually set the industry standard, ensuring the safety and protection of countless vehicles worldwide.

LoJack approached DinoCloud in search of an AWS partner to assist them in migrating their platforms. After a lengthy selection process, LoJack chose DinoCloud based on its expertise and the comprehensive assessment conducted during the discovery phase.

LoJack’s infrastructure was a hybrid setup, requiring collaboration with networking partners for Direct Connect services. They needed a partner to support them in migrating their platforms, address pain points such as cost optimization, and overcome challenges related to analytics.

Our approach

DinoCloud offered LoJack a unique technical approach that differentiated them from other partners, as DinoCloud offers end-to-end consulting services for migration, long-term consultancy for post-migration support, and a dedicated support and monitoring service.

By leveraging AWS technologies and services such as EKS, AWS MSK, RDS, Application Load Balancer, Network Load Balancer, EC2, Route 53, Control Tower, and more, DinoCloud aimed to create a secure, scalable, and efficient environment for LoJack’s migration to the cloud.

The project involved the creation of development, staging, and testing environments. DinoCloud collaborated closely with LoJack’s networking partners and used various AWS services and technologies to address specific requirements such as data processing, analytics, load balancing, and DNS management.

The team in charge of the migration also implemented security measures, organizational account structures, and monitoring tools like Grafana and Prometheus and utilized AWS services like SNS, Systems Manager, ECR, and Secret Manager. Finally, DirectConnect and AWS Site-to-Site has been applied.

Achieving Scalability, Growth, and Agile Testing

The collaboration with DinoCloud yielded significant improvements for LoJack. The initial pain points related to cost optimization and analytics were addressed effectively. The key benefits achieved through the migration project included the following:T

  • Scalability: LoJack’s services and infrastructure became highly scalable, particularly with the EKS cluster. This enabled them to handle increased workloads and offer improved customer responsiveness.Enhanced Technological Capabilities: Buenbit gained access to a broader range of AWS services, enabling them to explore new features and expand their service ecosystem.
  • New Growth Opportunities: With the migration to AWS, LoJack gained new possibilities for growth, such as implementing artificial intelligence using GPU instances, which were not feasible in their previous on-premise setup. Code Consolidation: DinoCloud successfully consolidated the administration code for GitLab integration and Buenbit’s infrastructure code. This consolidation simplified maintenance and facilitated disaster recovery scenarios, enabling quick deployment in alternative AWS regions or accounts.
  • Agile Testing Environments: DinoCloud’s implementation allowed LoJack to easily create and destroy environments on demand for efficient testing and versioning, enhancing their development processes.
  • Cloud Education: Throughout the project, LoJack benefited from DinoCloud’s expertise in AWS and cloud services, improving their understanding of cloud technology and its advantages.

In Conclusion

LoJack experienced a notable transformation in its IT infrastructure, shifting from on-premise to a secure and scalable cloud environment. The migration to AWS facilitated their operations, empowered their growth potential, and enhanced their overall efficiency and performance.

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