About miR Scientific

miR Scientific, LLC is a healthcare company committed to transforming cancer management worldwide by providing early and accurate disease detection, characterization, and monitoring. The company has developed the miR Disease Management Platform®, a proprietary, non-invasive platform for the effective management of specific diseases, initially focused on urological cancers. The platform is powered by the miR Sentinel® Prostate Cancer Test, a liquid urine biopsy test that can accurately detect, classify and monitor prostate cancer based on the integration of small non-coding RNAs extracted from urinary exosomes.

DinoCloud, renowned for its expertise in migrating sensitive data to the cloud, was chosen as miR Scientific’s trusted technology partner. By leveraging the power of AWS serverless technologies, DinoCloud aimed to build a cloud-native infrastructure that would ensure secure data handling, scalability, and operational efficiency for miR Scientific.

Harnessing Scalability, Security, and Cost Optimization for Breakthrough Medical Analysis

miR Scientific, a company belonging to the Huminn Group, worked alongside DinoCloud and AWS in a serverless and HIPAA-compliant architecture to gain momentum and scalability with their innovative analysis for the detection of prostate cancer. DinoCloud is a leading company in creating, migrating, and optimizing products deployed in the cloud.

miR Scientific has made a groundbreaking contribution to the health community with miR Sentinel™, a non-invasive liquid biopsy urine test that detects, classifies, and monitors prostate cancer at the molecular level. As miR Sentinel™ rapidly gained popularity across various US states, the need for a cloud environment capable of handling high volumes of file traffic and complying with health-related standards and regulations emerged. This required ensuring secure management of super-sensitive patient data in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

DinoCloud approached the project progressively, utilizing AWS serverless technologies to ensure HIPAA compliance without burdening miR Scientific with infrastructure management. Critical components of the solution included the development of the Classifier, a web portal for securely uploading test result files. Integration with Okta, an identity authentication solution, enabled controlled data flow from the laboratory to healthcare providers, ensuring data integrity and preventing unauthorized access.

The collaboration between miR Scientific, DinoCloud, and AWS resulted in transformative outcomes for the company’s prostate cancer detection capabilities. The cloud migration and modernization project yielded the following benefits:

AWS Services used in this migration and modernization project

To enable the successful cloud migration and modernization of miR Scientific’s prostate cancer detection platform, the following AWS services were utilized:


The successful migration and modernization project led by DinoCloud empowered miR Scientific to revolutionize prostate cancer detection. With the cloud-native infrastructure built on AWS, miR Scientific is poised to significantly impact the healthcare industry, driving advancements in non-invasive cancer diagnostics and improving patient outcomes.