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Redefining the future of corporate learning with QChange

About QChange

QChange is a SaaS company designed to enhance the development of soft skills in individuals and teams within organizations. Through its comprehensive approach, it provides a complete view of the personal and professional competencies of each employee in a company. By utilizing data and analytics, the platform allows users to assess and improve skills such as communication, leadership, problem-solving, and collaboration. Additionally, it offers personalized recommendations for continuous growth, positioning itself as an all-in-one solution that drives the development of soft skills in a professional environment.

A partnership to bring ideas to life

QChange is a company that created a platform dedicated to developing the soft skills of employees across various industries. Their tool integrates with corporate collaborative tools, primarily Microsoft Teams and Calendars, allowing employees to enhance their everyday soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and responsibility. The tool collects feedback from users’ work interactions, analyzing data from calendars and communication channels to provide feedback and measure progress in these soft skills.

The relationship between QChange and DinoCloud began when DinoCloud decided to promote its generative AI practice. Through the AWS POC program, DinoCloud offered its clients the opportunity to experiment with generative AI projects at no cost.

QChange entered the conversation with multiple ideas for implementing artificial intelligence into their platform: from incorporating bots into various user interaction points to creating an assistant that could support employees in their planning and training processes for improving soft skills. However, it was necessary to align these ideas with their main business priorities to maximize the value of a generative AI incorporation strategy in the short term. After several working sessions, it was identified that one of QChange’s main needs was to offer their clients data collected from employees in a user-friendly manner with a simple and intuitive interface.

One of the key learnings for DinoCloud was the importance of clearly identifying the business case associated with the opportunity. Often, this business case stems from an internal data interpretation beyond just the opportunity to enhance a solution for the end client.

A project to scale the business beyond ideas

To address this challenge, a predictive analytics project (aka Generative BI) was developed using Amazon QuickSight and Amazon Q. The solution enabled QChange to offer its clients the ability to interact with their data across various business processes. This project was divided into two main areas:

  1. Internal Data Interpretation: This allowed QChange to better understand the information from all their clients for informed business decision-making.
  2. Personalized Dashboard for End Clients: This provided each QChange client with a specific dashboard tailored to their company’s data, thereby creating a new business line.

This functionality not only organized and made the existing information more accessible but also generated a new revenue stream by offering personalized services to client company executives. This aligned QChange’s value proposition with the needs of decision-makers within companies, thus increasing the platform’s appeal to large enterprises.


Updating to a modern data structure for better insights

In any Generative AI project, the importance of having a healthy and well-designed data repository becomes crucial. In particular, at QChange, we had to redesign the data structure without disrupting the ongoing business operations due to the limited scalability and poor architecture of the data inherited from previous developments.

In this spirit, we implemented a parsing process in Amazon Athena to provision the information to Amazon QuickSight in the best possible way. We worked to ensure that the data structure inherited from MongoDB was optimally provisioned and transformed in Amazon S3.

Once the data transformation was provisioned in Amazon S3 and Amazon Athena, we were able to create a solution where QChange could filter each of their clients by the most important information for their business and the development of soft skills for each of their employees.

From a Skill development software to a Data-Driven enabling tool

The incorporation of Generative AI opened up a new business spectrum: providing C-Suite executives of companies with the ability to access their information, make conversational queries, and make decisions regarding their personnel development.

QChange found a new stakeholder to serve and provide a much more comprehensive benefit. Thanks to this new functionality, qChange ultimately increased its revenue by 10%, offering licensing of the analytics dashboard to each client along with the integration of Amazon QuickSight. QChange became not only the tool for developing employee skills but also the comprehensive solution for corporate personnel development.

Clear objectives, great results

The project had a significant impact on QChange. The implementation of predictive analytics and personalized dashboards enabled QChange to:

  • Generate new revenue streams through a new functionality.
  • Increase its revenue by opening a new business line.
  • Improve client relationships by offering a more executive and personalized tool.

The collaboration with DinoCloud also highlighted the need for a complete modernization of QChange’s data structure. While the project was successful and well-received, it became evident that data quality was a limiting factor for future, more advanced AI developments.

A world of possibilities with Generative AI

The relationship between QChange and DinoCloud is powerful and has positioned DinoCloud as a strategic partner of the company. DinoCloud not only assisted QChange in effectively implementing generative AI but also collaborated on defining a strategy that directly impacted the company’s revenue and growth. Currently, a data modernization project is being planned that will enable QChange to further leverage the potential of its innovative ideas.


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