About Urbano

Urbano Express is one of the leading logistics and courier companies in Argentina, with a strong presence in both Perú and Brazil as part of a great latin american conglomerate.

Urbano offers a very broad set of custom services, catering to the enterprise sector and its ever facing challenge of delivering more and quicker to a customer that wants to consume quickly and easier every time. Their core philosophy is “Paramount to get where we need to” (“Lo importante es saber llegar” in Spanish), and following that mantra got them such huge accounts as MercadoLibre, Fravega (biggest brick and mortar consumer electronic retailer in Argentina), Adidas, Zara (a leading Spanish consumer fashion firm), and Naranja (biggest non-banking credit card company in the country).


The Challenge 

As a company of such reach, and in a climate where failing to deliver is heavily criticised, Urbano wanted to review its processes. This is where they realized that in order to deliver as the knew to, and to grow as they wanted to, as a company they had to say goodbye to their old (10+ years) systems and build from the ground up a new, modern, cloud first approach.


Our Approach

As a strategic partner, DinoCloud received a great responsibility from Urbano back in 2019. With the client, we planned on a multi-year delivery schedule of key requirements, including Urbano’s Core Business, that would culminate in a first milestone for 2021: Having every existing Urbano system reworked and done from the ground up for the cloud, scalable and performant.


The Result

Having a system that produces data in the order of TBs every month, and has to respond in real time for the most demanding needs of a logistic company. That meant for DinoCloud a cohesive, multi-team and multi-disciplinary effort that is delivering right now quality functionality in a serverless architecture, monitored and scaled JIT; and designed with ease of use and adaptability to an old industry that wants to evolve.

Urbano understood with DinoCloud that the way to go is Serverless, with both Serverless framework and Fargate services depending on the size of each service, monitored in real time using tools such as DataDog, guarded by a combo of APIGateway and Cognito with custom authorizers. Data is relational by design, and wanting to leverage the core strength of the client while going serverless, we opted for a hybrid RDS Aurora and DynamoDB solution, depending on the application, backed up up to three times a day for up to 10 years if needed. Every design is delivered with a mobile first approach when possible, following best practices as set in the Material Design system.

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