Generative AI on AWS

Generative AI on AWS

Be the business of the future with Gen AI solutions.

Transform the way you do everything with the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence. Integrate Large Language Models to your operations and build a company that works for itself.

We are #YourIdealGenAIPartner

From design to production, our team is ready to help your ideas come to life. DinoCloud is part of the AWS Partner Network as a Premier Partner, ready to help you unlock the potential of your data with cloud based solutions.

Accelerate your Gen AI adoption

Combine AWS wide range of AI services and DinoCloud’s experience taking Gen AI ideas to production.


Define the Scope & Objectives.

Prepare and Process the Data.

Proof of Concept

Develop your ML Models using Amazon Bedrock.

Enable Insight Visualization.


Implementation & Deployment.

Use AWS funding to get your workloads to production.

Use Cases

Where there are business objectives, there are potential Gen Ai use cases. Focus on the outcome and let’s work together to find the ideal Gen Ai solution.

Advanced Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Transform raw data into actionable insights, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.
Integrate Amazon QuickSight with Amazon Q to access AI-powered Analytics.

Enhanced Business Procesess

Adapt quickly to changing market conditions and operational demands. With AWS services like Amazon Textract, and AWS Comprehend, we automate and streamline document processing, reducing manual effort and improving accuracy.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Solutions

From customer support chatbots to sentiment analysis and beyond, our Amazon Lex or Amazon Comprehend powered NLP solutions are scalable, reliable and capable of handling complex language tasks with ease.

Optimized Infrastructures

We integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and workflows, ensuring that our solutions enhance rather than disrupt your operations. Using AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and other AWS tools, we build flexible, serverless architectures that can scale with your business needs.

Take the first step with DinoCloud’s Gen AI offerings

With funding from AWS, we can turn any idea of your ideas into a Proof of Concept.

Generative BI for the Enterprise of the future

Experience the transformative power of generative AI in analytics with DinoCloud’s Amazon Q: Generative AI-powered Analytics POC.

Our service integrates Amazon Q within Amazon QuickSight to deliver insightful, data-driven analytics tailored to your specific business needs. This complimentary POC helps you understand the potential of AI-enhanced analytics using your actual data, funded entirely by the AWS POC program.

RAG Knowledge Management Chatbot

Let your whole organization find the right information, how and when they need it. Through a custom interface, this solution will boost your team’s productivity and optimize their time on low-value assignments.

Generative AI Accelerator Workshop

Unlock the immense potential of generative AI with DinoCloud’s GenAI Accelerator Workshop.Select and Train a Model, integrate AWS data services and gain insights from your current historical data quickly

Generative AI-powered Security Assessment CLI

DinoCloud offers a GenAI-powered Security Assessment CLI, utilizing AWS Bedrock to evaluate your infrastructure against security best practices and compliance regulations such as HIPAA and PCI.

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Discover all our Generative AI offerings with AWS funding.

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GCG Control

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From designing your organization’s Data Architecture to implementing Machine Learning solutions, work with DinoCloud to transform your business through the power of cloud based Data solutions.

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