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We are a leading AWS Premier Partner company in Latin America, with experience in creating, optimizing, and evolving products deployed in the cloud

Our main purpose is to assist and guide companies in adopting global innovation technologies and cloud computing to grow their clients’ businesses and make them healthier and more competitive.

We have elite certified teams that operate under the highest standards of excellence and efficiency. Based on our experience in different industry verticals, such as financial services, logistics, and healthcare, we focus on the success of each client by offering a customized experience to take their business to the next level.

Our principles

dinocloud mission


Our mission is to be the ideal technology partner for those companies with the objective of optimizing, scaling, and/or transforming their business, assisting and guiding them in the adoption of global innovation technologies, making them healthier and more competitive.

dinocloud vision


Our vision is to position ourselves as leaders in Latin America in the creation, optimization, and evolution of products deployed in the cloud.

dinocloud values


  • Equality
  • Transparency
  • Solidarity
  • Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Share knowledge

Company Policy

  • People: Our teams and partners are what we value the most. We are not only strongly committed to encouraging our employees in their professional development and personal growth, but also to rewarding their performance throughout their career.
  • Quality: Our work speaks for us. We strive to achieve the highest world-class standards, by delivering our products and services with the highest quality and operational excellence.
  • Partnerships and Alliances: We are committed to being a key partner competitor in the local and regional industry to increase quality levels through innovation, raising standards and collaborating with partner companies to ensure the well-being of all those who want to venture into the world of technology.
  • Technologies: It is our commitment to provide our services and expertise using cutting edge, top of the class technologies with world community support, tailored to each specific need and always providing the best possible implementation.
  • Customers: Our main goal is not only to provide the best services to our clients but also to become a key technologic partner by helping not only in technical implementations but also in the IT strategy of the companies that have trusted in us.
  • Finances: Our corporate strategy highlights to look after the financial health of the organization, making sure we will always be ready to support the business the way we are intended to.
  • Brand: We have the goal to become a standard in the industry, so being a customer, collaborator or partner of DinoCloud means a great deal to the businesses in the region.

Version 2.0 | April 2021

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