We are an experienced Premier Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud consulting firm with 98% customer satisfaction levels.

DinoCloud Differentiators

  • Change drivers
  • 80% certified teams
  • Full-Stack experts, with deep knowledge in cloud environments
  • Nearshore (Same work hours as US, similar culture)
  • Excellence driven
  • Cloud Compliance
  • Amazon Premier Partner
  • Fully agile company
  • Many success stories in different industry verticals
  • DevOps and Cloud-first paradigm
  • Experienced with containers and serverless environments

DinoCloud is a dynamic, continually optimizing Premier AWS Cloud engineering company that provides cloud adoption and consulting services. Our customer satisfaction levels are at 95%. We believe this success for our clients is in part due to our diligence to certify team members (80% certified) and also to our company culture that is focused on excellence and innovation. Our transformational management style brings reliability and innovation to our customers. 

But perhaps the biggest factor why our clients are so happy, is that our people are happy. We verify our efforts to create a place where people enjoy their work by surveying our employee net promoter score. Over the last 3 years, we have consistently scored a 98% employee satisfaction level confirming DinoCloud is an employer of choice.

During your search for AWS cloud consultants, you will find many candidates with certifications, experience, and hard skills to do the job. At Dinocloud, you will find an additional level of attention to detail, quality control, and project management. Our team has the soft skills to create success and satisfaction in project delivery. Our management team makes a continuous effort to invest in both for our employees and clients benefit. Our teams are reliable, hard-working, responsible, and trustworthy. We foresee problems by fostering cooperation and bring collaborative troubleshooting to our customers.

Our Clients

Constantly challenging the status-quo is crucial for innovation and staying ahead of the curve, yet at DinoCloud we know we should not push but rather nurture innovation in our cloud engineering teams. We also know that process, order and consistency are necessary in the services we provide. 

AWS Premier Cloud Consulting Services Offered

  • AWS cloud consulting
    • Design the AWS architecture that best fits your company, including third-party ISV tools.
    • Determine the best services that fit your business needs.
  • AWS Well-Architected Review
  • AWS Cloud Infrastructure Design & Strategy
    • Improve infrastructure efficiency and cost control
    • Create scalable, reliable, and highly-available systems infrastructure
    • Install greater flexibility and resilience for all your applications and underlying architecture
    • Educate your in-house team about AWS services
  • Architect Security and Compliance
    • We help you identify both external and internal threats 
    • Implement AWS Services required: Amazon Cloud Directory, IAM (Users / Roles), Amazon Inspector, AWS Certificate Manager, AWS CloudHSM, AWS Directory Service, AWS Key Management Service, AWS Organizations, AWS Shield, AWS WAF, AWS Guard Duty.
  • Uptime and Uninterrupted Operations – 
  • AWS Cloud Migrations
    • Audit existing infrastructure 
    • Design a strategy to implement AWS cloud migration.

Investment in Our Clients Success in AWS

AWS Certifications

Industry Standards in the Cloud

Our AWS Team Member Certifications

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Peter Drucker

Famous quote from legendary management consultant

DinoCloud’s Company Culture

We agree with the esteemed Mr. Drucker. Strategy is important, but a powerful and empowering culture will take you further, bringing more organizational success for us and our clients.

Our company culture centers around:

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