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Applying successful DevOps requires a convergence of teams, processes, and tools to create a consistent software ecosystem supported by culture, continuous feedback, and cooperation between developers, operations, architecture, security, and business.

Our DevOps experts offer expertise and experience managing complex, changing environments at scale. We employ DevOps automation tools and CI/CD practices throughout the evolution of your project to mitigate risk, remove redundancies, and build higher-quality software faster.

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AWS DevOps Outsourcing

For the last decade, DevOps has increasingly become the preferred software development methodology for teams of IT professionals in most industries. Agile methods and flexible technologies such as the cloud have pushed this trend into exponential adoption.

But you are not alone if you are unsure of what DevOps you need or even what DevOps really is. While the concept is often neatly depicted in graphs as a process or series of interlinked phases, you need a DevOps team that can bring the set of processes to life. You need a DevOps team that has diverse members that work together to:

Design and/or improve your entire CI/CD lifecycle by implementing automation technologies and integrating new tooling as your products and platforms evolve.

Coordinate and unify the team and processes to efficiently develop and deploy new pieces of software.

Oversee the projects in your pipeline to maximize efficiencies, combining and segregating functionality deployment as needed to speed up the development/deployment cycle.

Scale projects on the fly, responding to new and changing demands.

Competently perform project management tasks and communicate with all stakeholders.

This type of richly experienced, cross-disciplined team is challenging to assemble, then harder to retain. DinoCloud offers a multidisciplinary team with years of experience with AWS, agile project management, automation tools, and a thirst for constantly improving.

AWS DevOps Outsourcing

kuberentes clustering

Kubernetes Clustering

Operate and manage containerized applications across multiple environments.

ci/cd pipelines

Set Up CI/CD Pipelines

Automate software delivery processes through continuous integration and delivery pipelines.

microservices architecture

Microservices Architecture

Evolve technology of complex applications while enabling a reliable rapid, frequent deployment.

serverless architecture

Serverless Architecture

Build and run applications independent of infrastructure. Apps run on servers but without concern for scaling, provisioning, or maintenance.​

infraestructure as code

Infrastructure as Code

The essence of AWS cloud: provision and manage cloud resources by writing a human-readable, machine-consumable template.

security and compliance automation

Security & Compliance Automation

Understand the business needs, document required security, and integrate on the Software Development Lifecycle.

performance automation

Set Performance Automation

Test the behavior of your application and simulate production conditions using load testing, stress testing, and endurance testing.

monitoring and logging

Monitoring & Logging

Collect and track metrics, log files, and automatically react to changes in your hosting resources.

aws dinocloud competencies

What are Your AWS DevOps Needs?

No two DevOps are alike, so you need to start your search with a clear picture of what you want out of your DevOps project.

Do you need to design a full CI/CD lifecycle?
Do you already have a good DevOps approach in place and need someone with management experience to make it work or improve it?
Or do you want someone who can integrate new technologies into your actual implementation?

No matter the scope of your DevOps needs, you want to utilize the resources of a team that has skills and experience in these critical DevOps areas:

Application and Infrastructure Planning & Development

To ensure continuous development, a DevOps specialist has to be technically adept at efficient code-writing in a few different languages (which depend on the nature of the project) and value the importance of understanding the end business goals to ensure that the code achieves what it is intended to.


Maximizing the efficiency of your workloads requires that a DevOps team has the ability to automate processes. Designing and implementing easily-modifiable automation technologies that can be rapidly deployed as the business changes is a core competency.


A daily task for the DevOps team is to monitor applications and infrastructure to detect issues and resolve them as quickly as possible.


Developing safe code and infrastructures that effectively secure data and networks without unduly burdening those who legitimately need to access data and functions is the most challenging but most important aspect of DevOps. DevOps teams work with the business stakeholders to ensure that the underlying DevOps network and platform security schemes are discretely defined and carefully implemented.

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