Why Digital Product Engineering Services in the Cloud?

Digital product engineering services in the cloud enable digital product companies and other software-centered businesses to innovate continually and continuously faster and, often for less.

Never before has the drive to transform and pivot been so great. Containerization, microservices, and DevOps are just a few of the most recent cloud technology innovations that have completely altered how software is built. These evolutionary technologies expand the the possibilities of platforms, features, and offerings that you can build. Most importantly, the brave new world of rapidly evolving technology has created a savvy customer with great expectations for digital products that your team likely struggles to stay ahead of.

But even in the face of these real challenges today and knowing they will increase exponentially in the future, most companies remain hesitant to invest in exploration of new technologies. Without the on-staff expertise and appropriate infrastructure, it can be risky and expensive.

We aim to reinvent your systems with our software architecture and digital product engineering expertise, taking advantage of your deep business expertise and legacy systems. And in this process, explore new and beneficial technologies that will give you lower risk and faster returns via quality software.

Exemplary DIgital Product Engineering Services

Our digital product engineering services are centered on cloud solutions that offer scalability and flexibility while increasing security. We keenly focus on digital transformation for your entire organization as well as specific solutions, systems, services, or devices. Our full cycle offerings include:

MVP Development

We act as a MVP development company to help your team quickly and confidently use agile techniques to define the minimal investment required to achieve your company and digital product development goals.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Our experienced team leads you through the technologies and steps required to more quickly rejuvenate legacy software products to offer innovations that excite existing customers and generate new customers.

Your Cloud Roadmap

Our architects and software engineers work seamlessly with your team to architect, implement, and optimize a roadmap to employ a serverless approach to microservices architecture for next-generation software solutions.

Build your Software Products for the Cloud

At DinoCloud, we are radical enthusiasts about best practices for cloud engineering and software development focusing on your business goals. Using our expertise and your business acumen to create a useful roadmap for strategy, automation, performance, and speed. Our software engineers work side-by-side with our DevOps and cloud engineers to design, validate and implement scalable and cost-effective solutions for modern serverless architecture.

Our Cloud Engineering Services

Our multidisciplinary product engineering and architect teams bring their diverse technical and industry experience to accelerate your organization’s product engineering efforts in the cloud using:

  • In-depth analysis of your actual needs in terms of business objectives and existing cloud infrastructure and workloads
  • Detailed roadmap for implementing to the ideal infrastructure and software architecture that is aligned with your business goals and constraints 
  • Staff to augment your software engineering and development teams to accelerate adoption and deployment
  • A clear path to set up monitoring and operations management systems to ensure secure, efficient, and continually optimizing environments

An effective product engineering team is the one that will give you every digital tool, guidance and empowerment needed in your business expansion, using the most powerful platform today: a well-architected, cloud based, client minded digital product. We can deliver that plan and assist you with executing it.

Our product engineering specialists and developers can expertly support your teams throughout the cloud product development and deployment lifecycle to bring you the best results quickly.

The benefits of engineering your digital products in the cloud using experienced consultants include:

  • Enable your digital offerings to work across a wide range of platforms without increasing support costs significantly
  • Ensure new and legacy products can successfully integrate with other enterprise systems and applications whether for internal or back-office use or for customer-facing products
  • Provide your customers with intuitive interfaces that accelerate adoption of your products as best in class
  • Provide your customers with rapid access to well-tested and frequently upgraded products

How Digital Product Engineering Services Work

We work hand-in-hand with your teams to blend customer expectations and solutions to their needs with a technology roadmap that moves your enterprise and your software products from where they are today to where they need to be to achieve your goals.

This roadmap also includes aspects that achieve other goals such as increasing quality for happier customers and lower support costs, speeding go-to-market to maximize revenue, and maximizing margin by reducing the size of failures and costs of technology.

We lead your teams through all phases of our digital product engineering services:


Prove ideas to determine if they are ideal for your customers, your capabilities, and your business goals.

Design and Architect

Design and create enterprise and software products to achieve your goals. Often, we recommend following a minimal viable product development approach to minimize development costs and reducing risks of producing an expensive product with little to no return. We help you learn quickly with minimal investment. We also help you create architectures that are cost-effective and scalable to take a small test product to full-scale production with minimal effort.


Assemble the architecture and software components carefully adhering to the design requirements. In this phase, agile techniques can be invaluable to identify mistakes early or prevent them altogether. We help you continually evaluate adherence to requirements for  features and functionality as well as cost parameters.


Minimal and agile do not mean fast and untested. In fact by using agile techniques, testing is built in throughout development, but our team can help you oversee full digital product testing to increase overall product quality minimizing the impact of bugs in deployed software that can erode customer confidence, and ultimately revenue.


Our experienced team are experts in deploying rapidly in a well-controlled environment which leads to flawless product releases. Upon implementation, our built-in processes collect feedback from customers to generate quick responses to any bugs and ideas for the next iteration of product engineering to improve the offering. We follow DevOps best practices to automate everything from code to production deployments.

Support & Operations

Cost overruns are common in the industry in this phase. Often, companies are most concerned about development costs and fail to examine and optimize product support costs. We help you use what you learn in this phase to continually improve not only your software project, but also, your architecture and your organization’s adoption of new technologies which, counterintuitively, can reduce costs.


The moment your product is released, your product engineering cycle renews. Continual innovation is required by today’s markets. Adoption of new technologies not only enables innovation, but also, sets the stage for opportunities to reduce infrastructure costs. Continual evaluation of the market and customers’ pain points and expectations help to set the road map to future periodic product enhancements to remain competitive, or even better, to conquer the competition. Re-discovery increases the innovation and lifespan of your products.

Benefits of Hiring Digital Product Engineering Experts

All sizes of businesses benefit from undertaking the transformation of specific offerings or their entire organization. Because your competitors are likely advancing through their own journeys to leaner, faster, and more robust technologies, if you are not exploring digital transformation with an experienced consulting team, you are missing out on the benefits:

  • Product advancement to increase your market share and improve revenue streams.
  • Shorter Time-to-Market for your products and solutions.
  • Advanced engineering expertise for road-mapping the best technology and architecture solutions.
  • Shortened Capability or Competence Development Cycle for your team talent pool.
  • Product support and optimization with technology and development personnel cost reductions.

Let Us Help Advance Your Digital Products

Our team of digital product engineers, project managers, and software developers work with diverse industries, teams, and product offerings. We bring a wealth of experience, training, and insight to your team setting the stage for faster go-to-market with a leaner product for optimal returns. 

Let us help you overcome the complexities of developing and modernizing software products while increasing your understanding of technology costs and how to reduce them while increasing performance. Our digital product engineering services expand across the full digital product life cycle from concept to development to deployment.

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