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About OCA

OCA is a financial company from Uruguay, leader in credit card services and loans. Since 1966, it has been its main goal to innovate with the customer always as the priority.

As the largest credit card company in Uruguay, OCA is widely accepted in every corner of the country, with a considerable number of benefits and financing options.

In 2006, it was acquired by Itau Bank, one of the largest banks in Brazil.


The Challenge

OCA arrived at DinoCloud with one big and challenging need. They want to organize and make their data available in the cloud for the further analysis and visualization. After they have this data available, they are going to be able to make the correct business decisions.

The principal challenge was, their data come from data centers, and they wanted a cloud solution. The need was very clear, we had to migrate the data to AWS safely. When this data is available in the cloud, we have to transform it, move it to a warehouse and configure the business analytics application to consume the data from their new data warehouse.

In other words, the challenge was a hybrid data lake.


Our Approach

To be cloud first and compliant first.

As a financial company it is vital that security and compliance are present from the beginning.

We started developing the data infrastructure as Code, to be able to automate and replicate the deployment, and setting up an AWS account that integrates with the current governance strategy of the company.

The key aspects of the implementation was not only to consider all the technical and business aspects of an architecture by our Solutions Architects and Data Analytics Specialists, but also live up to the standards the company had already in place.

The new implementation is able to receive, process and show data from several different sources in and out of AWS, using the most sophisticated services implemented in the most efficient way.


The Technical Story

The solutions had to be created and managed by code, using the AWS native service for this, AWS CloudFormation. The connection between Cloud and On-Premises needed to be secure, we used AWS Site-to-Site VPN for this connection.

For moving their data to Cloud we needed a service that can be used through VPN; with AWS DataSync we could easily satisfy this need. The service used to store the data on AWS is Amazon S3, where the data was encrypted at rest also.

We had to make the data available in a service with strong processing capabilities, and Amazon Redshift helped with that. But before that, it was a requirement to purge, transform and move the data to the data warehouse, and AWS Glue was the service chosen to handle the ETL.

Other technologies used: Amazon VPC, Amazon EC2, Tableau, AWS Lake Formation.


The Results

A top of the class, cutting edge data strategy.

From the executive strategy to the technologies implemented and the way they are integrated, OCA is a financial organization that manages its data in an efficient and streamlined way in order to be able to utilize its current data to know better the customer and make decisions oriented to the customer obsession that best describes their services.

With a hybrid approach, OCA is able to count on a secure and compliant data management, processing and visualization platform fully deployed in AWS and integrated with all kinds of sources. Ready to scale on services and provide business support to the decision makers.


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