Unleashing growth potential for Buenbit with DinoCloud and AWS

About Buenbit

Buenbit is a smart investment, savings, and credit platform that allows users to buy crypto and earn daily returns. It has more than 700,000 users in Latin America and more than five years of experience in the fintech industry.

Buenbit faced the dual challenge of migrating its workloads from Google Cloud to AWS while optimizing costs. DinoCloud proposed implementing AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and migrating the workloads as microservices to achieve a seamless migration. The event-driven model was also transitioned to AmazonMQ, replacing the existing queuing mechanism in Google Cloud.

Unleashing growth potential and cost reduction for Buenbit with DinoCloud and AWS

Buenbit, a greenfield startup, relied on Google Cloud as its primary cloud provider. However, they recognized they needed to leverage the vast range of technologies and services offered by AWS to drive innovation and cost optimization. AWS had been working closely with Buenbit, showcasing the potential for improving their cloud infrastructure through credits provided via the “Activate” program.

Recognizing the opportunity to enhance its cloud capabilities, Buenbit embarked on a cloud migration journey and sought a trusted partner to assist them. After careful analysis, Buenbit selected DinoCloud as their preferred technology partner for their ambitious migration project.

DinoCloud provided comprehensive migration services to Buenbit, covering various essential tasks for a smooth transition. We conducted an Active Automation Assessment to identify automation opportunities and developed modular infrastructure code for streamlined deployment.

Using AWS Database Migration Service (DMS), we seamlessly migrated staging environments to AWS. DinoCloud facilitated the migration of GitLab runners to AWS ECS and implemented AWS Control Tower for centralized governance and resource migration. We orchestrated the smooth transition of staging services and migrated operational and production environments to AWS.

DinoCloud also developed a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan and conducted a thorough architecture review, implementing remediation plans based on the Well-Architected Framework. Overall, we ensured Buenbit’s successful migration to AWS with optimized infrastructure and operational excellence.


The collaboration between Buenbit and DinoCloud yielded impressive results, transforming their cloud landscape and unlocking significant benefits:

  1. Cost Reduction: By migrating from Google Cloud to AWS, Buenbit achieved substantial cost savings, optimizing its infrastructure expenditure.
  2. Enhanced Technological Capabilities: Buenbit gained access to a broader range of AWS services, enabling them to explore new features and expand their service ecosystem.
  3. Streamlined Infrastructure Code: DinoCloud’s expertise in infrastructure as code development resulted in a more organized, modular, and maintainable codebase. Buenbit now benefits from rapid and effortless infrastructure deployment, ensuring agility and scalability.
  4. Code Consolidation: DinoCloud successfully consolidated the administration code for GitLab integration and Buenbit’s infrastructure code. This consolidation simplified maintenance and facilitated disaster recovery scenarios, enabling quick deployment in alternative AWS regions or accounts.
  5. Replication of Development Cycle: DinoCloud replicated Buenbit’s internally organized development cycle in staging environments, allowing seamless integration with their existing development processes. DinoCloud introduced pipeline improvements and recommended migrating from Kubernetes-based clusters to AWS ECS, enhancing efficiency and code management.
  6. Secret Management Improvement: DinoCloud guided Buenbit in transitioning from a Vault-based secret management implementation to AWS Secret Manager, providing enhanced administration and support.

The successful migration project with DinoCloud positioned Buenbit for future growth, empowering them to scale their services and seize new business opportunities.

AWS Services deployed in this project

  • AWS EKS: Orchestrated the migration of microservices workloads.
  • AWS RDS with MySQL RDS: Leveraged managed databases for data storage and management.
  • RDS PostgreSQL
  • Amazon MQ: Utilized for efficient message queuing in the event-driven architecture.
  • AWS ECS: Administered GitLab runners and managed task definitions.
  • Amazon ECR: Managed Docker images for seamless deployment.
  • AWS Artifact: Streamlined library management for enhanced development efficiency.

AWS VPN: Facilitated authorized access for troubleshooting and support.


Buenbit’s seamless migration to the AWS Cloud, guided by DinoCloud, has transformed its cloud landscape, unlocking substantial benefits and positioning Buenbit for a prosperous future. Through this partnership, Buenbit has harnessed the power of AWS, streamlined its infrastructure, and set the stage for continued growth and success in the dynamic digital landscape.