Infrastructure Optimization

Infrastructure Optimization

An infrastructure that supports your growth, always

Seize in a fully-comprehensive cloud infrastructure evaluation to bolster growth and heighten your company’s reach.

Achieve Architectural Excellence with an Optimized Infrastructure

Benefit from a consistent approach to ensure reliable results and to identify areas for improvement

Maximize system capabilities while minimizing costs, stremlining processes, and enhancing system reliability.

Safeguard your infrastructure against common and rare security exploits.

Leverage DinoCloud’s expertise to build resilient, future-proof solutions that comply with industry standards.

Leverage the AWS Well-Architected Framework

AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF) is a comprehensive set of best practices, guiding principles, and architectural guidelines, empowering businesses to design, build, and optimize reliable, efficient, and secure cloud solutions. DinoCloud’s infrastructure optimization plans and processes are based on this framework to ensure a thorough evaluation and remediation of suboptimal architectural components.

Work with a Certified AWS WAF Partner to assess your infrastructure, find and remediate risks, and get 5k credits as refund when DinoCloud mitigates 45% of the risks loaded on the AWS APN.

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The AWS WAF rests upon six pillars:

Performance Efficiency

Optimizing workloads and maximizing system performance

Cost Optimization

Reducing expenses and maximizing return on investment.

Operational Excellence

Streamlining processes and enhancing overall efficiency.


Ensuring continuous availability and minimizing downtime.


Fostering environmentally responsible practices and reducing ecological footprint.


Strengthening system security to protect against threats and data breaches.

Our approach to the AWS WAF

Get the most out of the Well-Architected Framework with our proven methodology

Customized approach

Zero cost reviews

Risk diagnosis

Remediation with business focus

Credits on AWS

Check-up your infrastructure to ensure a healthy and competitive cloud environment.

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