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We are an AWS Advanced Partner offering cloud-first managed services, including services to help you modernize your approach to harnessing the business intelligence and opportunities locked inside your underutilized data.

Transform your disparate datasets into valuable assets that help you predict, pivot, and pounce on opportunities. Clearer trends and insights help you make better decisions.

Leverage our teams of experienced cloud and data engineers, agile project managers, and application developers to envision and execute data and analytics solutions to take the business to the next level and beyond with a Data Lakes Solution.

data and analytics solutions

The Next Big Paradigm…Big Data in Data Lakes

The last major paradigm shift in collecting and managing data to drive intelligence and executive decision-making happened in the early 1980s. Wells Fargo’s Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) was the first of its kind in 1983 and adoption across many industries began trending quickly as the value of harnessing the power of disparate data became obvious.

But the data has changed and the speed with which it arrives has exponentially accelerated especially as we enter the age of Internet of Things (IoT) with sensors sending rapid-fire data streams. Data is no longer text or numerals. It is “big data”: images, video, audio, sensor data, social media, all with different volumes, variety, velocity, and variability. The challenge is to tame this data with definition and adaptable architecture. That is the paradigm that modern businesses face.

AWS data lake solutions services automatically configure the core AWS services that enable tagging, searching, sharing, transforming, analyzing, and governing various subsets of data across a business or with its external customers or users. The Data Lake Solution includes AWS-managed services that help collect, store, search, process, and analyze both structured and unstructured data. The AWS Data Lake Solution creates an ecosystem of data and information where users glean the value from the truth data sources for their business needs.

Being deployed on AWS Cloud, the Data Lake Solution is deployed within minutes, being highly available and cost-effective.

aws data lake solutions

Data and analytics are key to digital transformation of business to accelerate the ability of a company’s leaders to predict, adapt, and respond to unforeseen challenges and seize new opportunities from better understanding the marketplace and competitive landscape.

At DinoCloud, we work with you to solve your business problems by defining and implementing secure architectures to transform disparate datasets into valuable assets that deliver a competitive advantage faster. Centralized data provides a single source of truth and powerful AWS services including a visual console through AWS Quicksight to empower intelligence from the volume, velocity, and variety of your data, unlocking its potential.

Data Strategy

Our data experts help you envision and document a comprehensive data strategy that supports actionable business intelligence. Together we will:

Understand business goals

Assess current data structures and platforms

Identify metrics to evaluate the solution and guide future improvements

Promote long-term success through shared understanding, change management, training, and documentation

Data Science

Our data engineers leverage AWS and other technologies to build scalable, flexible data solutions for clearer visualization of complex data sets. Together we can:financial services companies leverage the cloud to gain valuable insights.

Improve sales and marketing outcomes

Derive insights for data-driven decisions at all levels of the organization

Streamline workflows

Optimize operations

Improve financial reporting and analysis

Data Governance

Our cloud consultants and data lake experts help you confidently define networks, roles, and security levels. We employ a top-down approach that involves all functional areas of your organization. Protect your company and your customers’ data while ensuring compliance with industry standards. We can help you meet GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, FedRAMP, and FISMA standards.

Data Management

We architect solutions that unite data silos while remaining secure. Scalable data lakes solutions provide access to real-time analytics to answer the complex questions about your market, operations, or challenges facing your business.

While modernizing your data management, we can help you use AWS scaling and plans to reduce compute costs.

Comprehensive Digital Transformation

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Data & Analytics

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