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ARGENTINA, (Oct, 2021) / Infobae /

Team spirit and 360 ° well-being, the four winners tell us how they attract the under 35s.

The leaders of Mercado Libre, DHL Express, DinoCloud, and BEON, the best positioned in the Great Place to Work ranking, told Infobae what their strategies are

The Best Places to Work for Millenials 2021 ranking by Great Place To Work revealed which Argentine companies are distinguished by attracting and retaining young talent.

What distinguishes the companies chosen by millennials?

The best-positioned companies offer 360 ° well-being to their employees. This implies both, a good work environment generated through bonds of respect and care, as well as financial security and job stability. 

Great Place to Work, a global people analytics and consulting firm for better business results, interviewed 57,625 employees from 116 participating companies. Among all organizations, 40 achieved a place in the 2021 ranking.

In the 2021 edition of The Best Places to Work for Millennials, the companies that led the ranking were:

– Mercado Libre, in the category of +1000 employees

– DHL Express, in the category of 251 to 1000 employees

DinoCloud, in the category of 250 to 51 employees

– BEON, in the category of 50 to 10 employees

DinoCloud topped the Best Places to Work for Millennials ranking in the 51-250 employee category.

“At DinoCloud we encourage fellowship and team building activities, we give space to new proposals that may arise, thus creating a relaxed environment to work. Our offices are contemplated and designed so that each one can enjoy relaxation and play spaces, equipped with the comfort they need, in order to find the balance and flexibility between work and personal life, “said Nicolás Sánchez, Chief Operating Officer, in dialogue with Infobae. DinoCloud Officer.

DinoCloud was ranked # 1 in the Best Places to Work for Millennials 2021 ranking in the 51-250 employee category (courtesy DinoCloud / GPTW)

Young talents consider the work environment much more than “just a job”, in that sense Sánchez indicated that “the most valued by our collaborators is culture over other things (with all that this implies) benefits, excellent work environment, fellowship and shared initiatives as a team, without neglecting the opportunity to enhance the professional career. Furthermore, the collaborators give great importance to being able to express themselves freely in their agreements and disagreements, to dialogue and be understood by their leaders ”.

Among the benefits that millennials choose in the world of work, BEON highlighted “a vibrant work culture that combines engagement activities, workshops, virtual and face-to-face games, English classes, recreational outings, and our own comprehensive mental health program, which includes fortnightly therapy sessions ”.

City of Cordoba, 25 April 2022

DinoCloud achieves AWS Premier Consulting Partner status.

DinoCloud, a leading adoption of global innovation and cloud computing technologies company, reinforces again its growth trajectory by becoming the new AWS Premier Partner in the region.

This new milestone, which places the company at the highest level within a select global ecosystem, is part of another achievement in its mission to lead the Latin American region, providing high-quality products and services and operational excellence to its customers along with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“For DinoCloud, reaching Premier level has two dimensions: a confirmation and a starting point. It is a confirmation of the aligned and focused work that the company has been doing since its launch in 2016: certifications and training of talent, success stories achieved in conjunction with AWS, and a company profile capable of making decisions and customer challenges with the highest quality standards, in different regions of the continent.

 Moreover, it is a starting point to reaching the next level. Reaching the Premier level consolidates DinoCloud as a world leader in terms of AWS and allows the company and its large commercial investment to achieve better positioning and, therefore, better results. We really consider Premier Level as the bridge between critical customers facing real needs in terms of digital transformation and a company ready and qualified to work together.”

Franco Salonia, CEO at DinoCloud

Partnership at its highest level

Globally, only an exclusive group of companies are part of the highest level of partnership operating under this badge. Obtaining it implies not only having a solid track record as a whole but also complying with a series of rigorous procedures and instances of technical evaluation, demonstration of expertise with relevant success stories, obtaining certifications and competencies, as well as contributing to the development of AWS in the region, with increasingly larger businesses from the technological and commercial standpoints.  

Being an AWS Premier Partner is an achievement shared by all organization members and represents the reach of DinoCloud to the rest of the world, which will undoubtedly be accompanied by great challenges and opportunities to continue growing even more.

“Undoubtedly this is the most important achievement since we built DinoCloud. The #1 technology company in the world is certifying and validating us as a global company capable of meeting, under professional services of quality and excellence, the demand that the world generates today. To do so, we need to create and strengthen during these years a unique corporate culture, with a sense of belonging, obsession for our customers, constant technical and professional development, capacity for innovation, and, above all, a team of impressive human and professional quality.

From day one, we thought about this in a big way and today we are just in the first steps, but we have the most important element, which is our team. I am convinced that we can achieve every planned milestone and perhaps much more. Today we strengthen our position as a leader in Latin America in the creation, optimization, and evolution of products deployed in the cloud”.

Lucas Borsatto, CCO at DinoCloud

A long journey traveled

DinoCloud emerged in 2016 with the innovative idea of becoming a 100% customer-focused cloud consulting company that could offer agile solutions in an immature and underexplored market. Faced with a great opportunity, its three founding partners understood that positioning themselves alongside a world-class leader such as AWS Amazon Web Services would lay the foundation for a business model built on the highest quality standards and open the doors to an ecosystem of unlimited opportunities for constant innovation.

With this decisive vision over the last six years, DinoCloud has focused on professionalizing its operational teams under the premise of quality with a 360° technical approach, and on developing commercial support and human resources areas to respond to the growing demand.

In 2020, under a scenario of global uncertainty, DinoCloud was able to find its place and position itself as a key player in the technology market, accompanying a wide variety of companies and institutions from various industries in their technological transformation process toward the cloud, given the immediate need to face new challenges and the emergence of new business models.

In 2021, with a considerable sum of success stories, excellent quality assessments, the acquisition of new technical skills, and exponential growth, DinoCloud managed to strengthen its expansion into the North American market, while receiving a new growth investment with a view to tripling its projections for the coming years. Also, focused on investing in the professional team, the company tripled the number of employees in all areas of the company. 

In 2022, DinoCloud is recognized by Great Place To Work as the best company to work for in Argentina, in the category of companies with up to 250 employees, and in turn, achieve the same position in the category Best Places to Work in Technology 2022. 

However, the biggest milestone was announced in April, when it was recognized as an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, achieving one of the company’s biggest corporate goals. 

“It’s a new achievement, but one of the most important in Dino’s history. For some time now, we have been guiding the team and the brand towards excellence, achieving certifications that endorse the quality of our services and our culture in the highest categories. AWS has inspired our course from the very beginning, and deciding to become a benchmark company not only comes from the fact that we are constantly improving, but also that this great partner gives us the privilege of being part of this elite group of companies that represent the values and quality that make it one of the leading companies in the world. 

From the operations perspective, the challenges are ongoing, but we have managed to generate a culture of partnership and joint growth, supported by people who contribute invaluable human qualities in a company that provides professional services. We do not cease to have references, but we are encouraged to invent and implement, often kicking the board and finding maximum efficiency from the very bowels of the organization.

Reaching this point is a consequence of always thinking big, aiming higher, being encouraged, and understanding that mistakes are a sign that we are still trying. In that regard, being Premier is just the beginning of starting to measure ourselves against a new yardstick, and that’s what drives the whole team.” 

Nicolás Sánchez, COO at DinoCloud.

About DinoCloud

DinoCloud is a leading AWS Premier Partner company in Latin America, formed by teams of professionals with the main objective of accompanying each of its customers to walk the path of learning and implementation of technology trends worldwide. It has success stories in different industries including: healthcare, financial services, transportation and logistics, e-commerce, software as a service and telecommunications, being official partners of the main cloud providers, and one of the most important AWS consulting partners in Latin America.

DinoCloud Team
DinoCloud secures significant growth investment from Eximer Capital affiliate

MIAMI, (July 2021) / PRNewswire /

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Eximer Capital, the private equity firm that bets on the strategic growth of DinoCloud.

The investment will not only empower DinoCloud to execute a more innovative, scalable, and institutional approach to the regional market, but also to consolidate its expansion to the United States within the next months, as a leading partner of AWS.Eximer Capital offers a high-growth value proposition to businesses in the I.T. services industry. Led by an investment group with decades of industry experience and a forward-thinking approach, Eximer is uniquely positioned to further build businesses through experience, capital, and best-in-class management.

About DinoCloud

DinoCloud is a cloud consulting company that provides cloud engineering services and DevOps to companies ranging from startups to large enterprises. Their technology team develops customized cloud deployments based on real-world analytics and a company’s strategic goals.

For more information, visit: www.dinocloud.co

About Eximer Capital

Eximer Capital is a New York-based growth equity firm focused on the IT services sector. For more information, visit: www.eximercapital.com

Brickell, Miami, FL – May 26th 2021

DinoCloud has passed the ISO 9001:2015 audit on its management systems within its core processes, certificating the most prestigious quality standard for management systems in the world.

DinoCloud has successfully obtained this highly recognized certification. This certifies that its quality management systems have been fully assessed and approved to validate the provisions of ISO 9001:2015 for our cutting edge consulting services.

“The ISO certification communicates to our customers and prospects that we comply with the internationally recognized standard for quality management systems. This is yet another achievement demonstrating that we thrive and continue to build confidence for our customers, demonstrating our on-going commitment to high quality products and services”

Nicolás Sánchez, COO at DinoCloud.

This rigorous standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the process approach and continual improvement.

At DinoCloud we thrive on keeping improving and challenging ourselves to be able to provide a unique experience as a partner to our customers, and this certification is merely another example of our focus.

About DinoCloud

DinoCloud is a leader in the creation, migration, and optimization of products deployed in the cloud.
As key regional partners of AWS and other first-class cloud providers, our certified elite teams operate under the highest standards of excellence and efficiency.

Based on our expertise in different industry verticals such as health, fintech, logistics, e-commerce, telecommunications, software and many others, we focus on the success of each client by offering a personalized experience to take their business to the next level.

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Franco Salonia, Nicolás Sánchez and Lucas Borsatto created a consulting venture based on cloud technologies with great impact on international scale.

Córdoba, Argentina. Saturday, December 19 of 2020

Franco Salonia, Nicolás Sánchez and Lucas Borsatto created a consulting venture based on cloud technologies with great impact on international scale.

The National Technological University was the meeting place for three students of the Systems Engineering program in their search for projects and aspirations. In their completion’s framework of the thesis degree, the work between them made visible a remarkable synergy that led to an entrepreneurial force that bore the name of DinoCloud.

“We made the decision while having dinner at a well-known pizzeria in Córdoba. We talked about many ideas, but we always remember that the most significant one was to build a digital-first company. We clearly had no idea what to build, the only thing clear was that we had to undertake”

Lucas Borsatto, CCO at DinoCloud.

Friends and colleagues

The conversation described was the kickoff of a software consultancy company: young entrepreneurs began to offer cloud computing to companies that needed this cutting-edge technology to boost their businesses.

One step further, the engineers materialized the so-called “know how” of the cloud in value and service through the offer proposed by DinoCloud.

By then, Franco Salonia, now CEO of the company, was quitting his job and, from a coworking office, was sending emails to potential clients. “By that time, based on our previous jobs, we saw the potential of this vertical and the lack of knowledge of the local industry. Hence the idea of ​​the company ”, adds Franco.

Over the years, DinoCloud managed to consolidate itself among other recognized companies in Latin America, becoming one of the most important partners in the region for brands such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leader in the cloud computing market globally.

Dino, as named by its founders, is a pioneer in the international scene by consulting cloud ecosystem adoption and optimization.

Thus, DinoCloud became an example of national entrepreneurship with global projection, making a difference in its industry. Nicolás Sánchez, director of operations, says: “We have been doubling the team every year and we expect to grow even more in the coming months. Over 80% of the team is already certified in the technologies we use. We not only merge ourselves as an expert company in the cloud vertical but also as a great talent factory, achieving that many students start in this world and consolidate themselves as professionals of excellence at a global level ”.

“The first thing was to take care of the health of the whole team”

The national emergency situation affected each market at different levels. Entrepreneurs, as well as their collaborators, had to face an unprecedented crisis with a flexible and committed attitude.
Lucas Borsatto assures that the first thing was to take care of the health of his entire team and assumes that the context inevitably generated a change in the company’s plans. “Marketing actions, commercial strategies and operational programs suffered alterations, but the vision always remained the same: to be the leading company in Latin America in terms of construction, optimization and evolution of products deployed in the cloud”, reinforces the commercial director of DinoCloud.

“We were able to deepen markets we had already been working with, such as the United States, with new businesses, as well as opening new horizons like Colombia, where we already have our firm and interesting projects from big players in that country. We became strong in booming industries in this context, such as financial services, banking, e-commerce, health and logistics”

Lucas Borsatto, CCO at DinoCloud.

Expectations 2021

With the eyes on the year that begins, the entrepreneurs analyze the variables that affect the management of a comprehensive plan that fosters the development of the brand with its avant-garde and sustainability stamp.

In this context, Franco Salonia remarked: “We have already put together a 2021 plan based on surveys that we have received from investment funds and large global companies interested in investing capital in DinoCloud. However, we continue to analyze all the alternatives. We have outlined a strategy for an even stronger global expansion, aiming at an exponential growth of the team and new lines of business that allow us to become true benchmarks in terms of technology and digitization on the continent ”.

In these times, technology is the way to transform the reality that surrounds us. Initiatives such as DinoCloud bring the country closer to the trends that are taking place in other parts of the world and demonstrate the potential, knowledge and talent that is generated in the universities of Argentina.

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Las Vegas, United States. December of 2019

Franco Salonia, CEO of DinoCloud, was one of the LATAM representatives at the AWS re:Invent 2019 held in Las Vegas.

We were pleased to be introduced by Dean Dierickx, Global Program Development Manager of the AWS Well-Architected ™ Partner Program, who highlighted the work and evolution of DinoCloud.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dinocloud
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dinocloud_
Instagram: @dinocloud_
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DinoCloudConsulting