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Round-the-clock, overwatched, and cost-optimized cloud security

DinoCloud offers updated cloud security services to achieve excellence in cyber prevention and protection. We address cloud security time-sensitiveness promptly and professionally within your AWS Cloud.

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4 out of 5 companies end up resorting to professional help to securize their cloud infrastructures.

Are you looking for a complete security check-up? We got your back


Understanding cybersecurity headlines is the uppermost position in the list of challenges cloud-based organizations must face today.

DinoCloud delivers high-availability security solutions to your AWS cloud environment from the network to the application layer. Our expert teams continually acquire expertise and technical knowledge to excel at migrating, deploying, and hardenizing cloud security using AWS services and native controls.

We are a leading cloud consulting company with vast experience in implementing and optimizing secured cloud environments / We have the experience and technical expertise in cybersecurity to optimize existing cloud infrastructure or to build new cloud-first architectures from the ground up.

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We’ve got your OWASP Top Ten covered

We design and implement architectures ready to face known vulnerabilities using AWS WAF, AWS NFW, and AWS Shield, among other services.


Shift-to-Left from the ground up

We adopt this method to all our projects to avoid misconfigurations in the cloud adoption stage: first, we tackle security matters, then in the systems or the business logic.


Overwatched monitoring

Since the very beginning, we layer up architectures with active and passive monitoring against non-wanted logins and malware.

identity and access management

Identity and Access Management at its best

We use AWS IAM and AWS SSO to fully administer resources, permissions, roles, and users and prevent attacks keeping a strict least privilege concept.

data protection

Your data is in good hands

Keeping data protected and highly available is our top priority; that’s why we design cloud systems compliant with robust security methods.

regulatory compliance

Regulatory-compliant architectures

We know compliance is one of the essential prerequisites for getting the cloud to interact with the public. We rely upon AWS Audit, Trusted Advisor, Inspector and Detective to make it happen.

Synergy to make it happen

Teamwork is essential to providing high-quality professional services; that is why we strive to build a team of experts on which your company can rely for building and optimizing secured cloud architectures. When new projects come up, we prepare our teams to be ready to face new challenges, which adds expertise to both engineers and the company alike.

We have successfully implemented regulatory-compliant architectures following standards like HIPPA with clients like miR Scientific and Medaxion and PCI with clients like InSwitch.

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